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Application of biogas technology model for rural areas in Kyrgyzstan

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UNECE Sustainable Energy Division implemented a field project “Application of biogas technology model for rural areas in Kyrgyzstan” (sponsored by the Russian Federation). The objective of the project is to introduce a cost-effective green technology biogas model in the rural areas of Kyrgyzstan.

The project supports Sustainable Development Goal 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”. The project also supports one of the Action Areas, which were developed by the Secretary-General’s High-Level Group on SE4ALL, i.e. “Providing access to electricity through off-grid, micro- and mini-grid solutions, including targeted applications for productive uses.”

The project delivers concrete renewable energy solutions for rural application and targets the rural community in Nurmambet village near Kant town in Kyrgyzstan. The objective of the project has been achieved by installation of a biogas unit. The unit was launched on 19 September 2018. UNECE in cooperation with the National Research Institute of Energy and Economy organized an official opening of the renewable energy unit.   

The biogas plant with a methane tank of 25 cubic metres is producing around 116,650 cubic metres of biogas annually for heating purposes. Aside from biogas, the plant is producing 200 tonnes of organic fertilizers annually, which is sufficient to fertilize 200 hectares of arable farmlands. The production of bio-fertilizers helps replace mineral fertilizers and result in US$ 14,000 savings annually. Moreover, the methane produced will substitute 6.4 tonnes of diesel fuel, which is now used to heat farm, and this will save US$ 3,120 annually.