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Colour Gauge for Walnut Kernels - ECE/TRADE/316/Rev.1(only the original chart as distributed by the United Nations should be used for the purposes of the Walnut Kernel Standard. Photocopies or printouts are not valid. If you would like original charts, please send your request to:
Guide to Seed Potato Diseases, Pests and Defects (ECE/TRADE/416)Seed potato certification is the process of assuring the quality of seed potatoes being marketed, usually done nationally according to regulated standards. Planting healthy seed potatoes is a key factor in maximizing the production of usable potatoes for consumption or processing.The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (
The Explanatory Brochure on the Standard for Inshell Walnuts has been developed to harmonize the interpretation of the Standard, thereby facilitating international as well as national trade. It addresses producers and traders, as well as inspection authorities. It corresponds to the latest edition of the UNECE Standard for
The Best Practice Guidance for Effective Methane Recovery and Use from Abandoned Coal Mines (BPG on AMM) is aimed at raising awareness of AMM opportunities and hazards by providing accessible high-level guidance for senior corporate,
This publication contains the Fifth review of implementation of the Espoo Convention, as adopted by the Meeting of the Parties to the Convention at its seventh session (Minsk, 13–16 June 2017).4 It examines responses to a questionnaire on countries’ implementation of the Convention in the period 2013–2015.The Meeting of the Parties noted the findings presented in section I.B. of the present
Rules of Procedure of the Meeting of the Parties to the Convention  Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (ENG/FRE/RUS)Decision I/1, annex I (ECE/MP.EIA/2) as amended by MOP decision V/1 (ECE/MP.EIA/15) and MOP/MOPdecision I/1 (ECE/MP
Public Participation in Making Local Environmental Decisions: The Aarhus Convention Newcastle Workshop Good Practice Handbook Main text of handbookENGRUSArticle 6 Case StudiesLINKArticle 7 Case Studies