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This publication calls for ambitious and bold action from governments, the private sector and regulators. Development of technologies will require new regulatory frameworks to support immediate commercialization. Policy frameworks should also incorporate legally binding commitments for increased international technology transfer, harmonized standards, and definitions for 'green' hydrogen, energy
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Эта публикация требует решительных и смелых действий со стороны правительства, частного сектора и регулирующих органов. Для разработки технологий потребуется новая нормативно-правовая база в поддержку немедленной коммерциализации. Политические рамки должны также включать в себя юридически связывающие обязательства в отношении расширения международной передачи технологий, согласованных стандартов
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Historically, extractive industries have also been a major driver of economic growth, particularly for now-advanced economies that benefitted during and after the Industrial Revolution. Currently, mineral resource extraction plays a dominant role in the economies of 81 countries that account for a quarter of global GDP, half of the world’s population and nearly 70 per cent of those living in
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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an abrupt, even if temporary, halt to some of these trends, and underscored systemic vulnerabilities in health, economic, social and other systems, including those related to energy and industry. Failure to transition quickly to more sustainable systems will perpetuate these vulnerabilities, while also jeopardizing the fight against climate change and