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Childcare, Women's Employment and Covid-19 Impacts: Moldova

Childcare, Women's Employment and Covid-19 Impact: the case of Moldova

The report Childcare, Women’s Employment and the COVID-19 Impact: The Case of Moldova is part of the “UNECE - UN Women series: Rethinking care economy and empowering women for building back better”. This series includes key results of a collaboration between UNECE and UN Women Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia in the framework of the UN Development Account tranche 13 project: “Strengthening social protection for pandemic response”, the workstream on strengthening economic policies in response to the COVID-19 through integrating gender and care dimensions.

The report analyses childcare and employment situation of women, and how COVID-19 pandemic has affected women and girls in Moldova. It focuses on the socio-economic conditions, reveals main challenges related to women’s paid and unpaid work, and the measures and initiatives undertaken as a response to the crisis. The report concludes with recommendations for applying gender mainstreaming in policies and involving all stakeholders in identifying new solutions to address women’s and girls’ needs.