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Project "Strengthening national and regional capacities and cooperation on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Central Asia, including as a response to climate change" implemented by UNECE and OSCE

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a recent tool which despite its benefits is still not well established and therefore not yet sufficiently exploited in Central Asian region. To date, none of Central Asian countries is a Party to the Protocol on SEA, while only Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are Parties to the Espoo Convention. Application of environmental assessment to strategic and legal documents in the Central Asian countries is rather rare, it is not applied to decision-making processes relating, for example, to local economic development or spatial planning. In light of the recent economic development process arid climate change related challenges, lack of preventive procedures at strategic planning stage can result in accelerated levels of environmental degradation in the region.

Recognising the potential of SEA for greening the economies and addressing climate change, all five countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) have been expressing an interest in assessing the feasibility of application of SEA.

In line with the UNECEs and OSCEs target to promote the integration of good environmental governance principles into relevant national policies and practices, and to support the implementation of the Protocol on SEA, the project aims at strengthening capacities in the five countries of the Central Asia region on SEA as an essential tool for environmentally sustainable economic development. The project also aims at enhancing regional cooperation as SEA addresses trans-boundary environmental challenges, which in turn contributes to strengthening confidence and trust among the countries of the region.

The results of the project:

  • Enhanced awareness and strengthened capacities of governmental authorities about the benefits, principles and procedures of SEA and enhanced cooperation within and across countries.
  • Needs assessment reports and action plans on how to effectively develop and implement SEA in each beneficiary country were developed.



Study tour to Germany 2-6 December 2019

National workshops

National workshop in Kazakhstan on 14 December 2020

National workshop in Kyrgyzstan on 11 October 2021

National workshop in Uzbekistan on 8 June 2021

National workshop in Tajikistan on 17 March 2021

National workshop in Turkmenistan on 14 October 2021

Sub-regional conference on SEA in Central Asia on 10 November 2021


Action Plan for Kazakhstan ENG/RUS

Action Plan for Kyrgyzstan ENG/RUS

Action Plan for Uzbekistan ENG/RUS

Action Plan for Tajikistan ENG/RUS

Action Plan for Turkmenistan ENG/RUS