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Practical Information

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Practical information for delegates 

How to find the UN building: Map
Free travel from the airport
Effective January 2008, free tickets for public transport will be available from a machine in the baggage collection area (on the left hand side just before passing customs) at Geneva International Airport (Information GIA). This Unireso ticket allows you free use of public transport in Geneva for a period of 80 minutes.
The Place des Nations (“Nations” stop) and Prégny Gate (“Appia” stop) entrances of the Palais are served by a number of tram and bus lines. The Place des Nations entrance, however is only for staff or delegates with a badge, valid identity document and accompanied by a staff member and who are not carrying luggage (laptops, rucksacks and hand bags are permitted). It is about a 500 metre walk uphill from the Place des Nations entrance to the Prégny entrance.
Buses 8, F, V, Z stop at both “Nations” and “Appia”.
Buses 11, 22 and tram 15 stop at “Nations”.
Transport from the airport to the Palais
Bus 28 goes from the airport to the Pregny Gate entrance (“Appia” stop), as well as to the Place des Nations (“Nations” stop).
Bus 5 goes from the airport to Nations

Taxis are readily available from the airport. They are metered, so costs will vary, but the journey from the airport into the city centre will usually cost around CHF 30. The following direct telephone number will ensure arrival within minutes: 022 331 41 33.
A taxi stand is located on Avenue de la Paix, 50 metres uphill from the Nations gate and are available any time. Taxis cannot enter the UN compound - passengers will have to get off at the Pregny or Nations gates.
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How to enter the Palais des Nations
There are two gates to the Palais des Nations: on the Place des Nations and on the route de Pregny, in front of the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross).
If you don’t have UN identification, you will have to go to the Pregny Gate (see map). You will need valid identification, for example a passport or national identity card.
You can obtain a UN pass by applying to the UN/ECE secretariat staff. Valid identification is also required for this. The secretariat will issue documentation, which you should then take to the Security Services at the Pregny Gate, where identification passes are issued. There is no charge for this process.
Identification passes have an expiry date. After that date a further application must be submitted. Passes are not transmissible, and must be returned to the Security Services once they have expired.
Delegates and other visitors should be aware that there are certain restrictions on bringing luggage into the Palais. For more information click here.
Palais des Nations Map
Technology information
Wireless internet is available in all meeting rooms in the Palais des Nations.
Electrical power plugs and sockets are unique to Switzerland within the UNECE region (type J, three-pin, 230 V, 50 Hz), and respectively require an adaptor, though slim two-pin plugs (type C) will fit.
Making internal telephone calls: numbers start with 7 and are followed by four digits. To make local calls, dial 0. There are public (paying) telephones in the main foyers of the UN buildings, from which you can make local, national or international calls. These telephones accept pre-paid phone cards, as well as credit cards.
Other practical information

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