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5th UNECE International Public-Private Partnerships Forum

22 April (10:00) - 23 April (17:00) 2021
Palais des Nations, Geneva Switzerland

Online and in meeting room Tempus 2 

Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland


The Fifth session of the UNECE International Public-Private Partnerships Forum is scheduled to be held from 22 to 23 April 2021. 

The main highlights of this year’s Forum will be:
•   A high-level debate to discuss 'Build Back Better' and how it should guide us in our national and international strategies;
•   To test the UNECE People-first PPP Evaluation Methodology to make sure that it can be used effectively by key stakeholders;
•   A competition to find out the best projects for 'Building Back Better' and for People-first; and
•   Guidelines for building community resilience and addressing the needs of those people who have suffered most from the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Forum will include a number of high-level debates on topical issues linked to 'Building Back Better' as well as sustainable development. We will soon launch a call for projects to be awarded 'Building Back Better', and those short-listed will be showcased during the Forum. A preliminary programme will be available in the coming days.

Purpose and objectives of the Forum

The purpose and objectives of the Forum are threefold:

  1. Discuss the ways that ‘Building Back Better’ can be best accomplished through People-first PPPs.
  2. Consider how the Evaluation Methodology might be revised to take on board the added importance of resilience.
  3. Identify the type of People-first projects that can best promote ‘community resilience’ amongst vulnerable members of society.


The Forum will be held as a hybrid event (Restrictions to in-person participation apply and delegates are encouraged to join the sessions virtually) as follows:

An international debate on how the world can ‘Build Back Better’. It will also explore how People-first approach to PPP, can be more widely known and used by the UN System. In addition, a high-level debate will take place on a specific sector, water and sanitation, to discuss the projects and approaches needed to ‘Build Back Better’.

Session 1 reviews best practice ‘Building Back Better’ projects, using the Evaluation Methodology identifying some revisions in the tool as well as making ‘Building Back Better’ and People-first PPPs more aligned.

Session 2 discusses with local authorities and city administrations their needs in protecting the vulnerable members of their communities and the projects that will be required in core areas – health care, food security, waste and circularity and Innovation and jobs – to delivering People-first PPP that can ‘Build Back Better’ and promote community resilience.

An award ceremony for the best ‘Building Back Better’ projects.

A concluding session that explores how the UN Regional Commissions are playing an important role in developing regional networks of PPP units and infrastructure entities to improve the capability to deliver projects and how such networks can turn their attention to those projects which can have potentially a dramatic role in ‘Building Back Better’.

UNECE ‘Building Back Better’ infrastructure award 2021

In order to incentivise innovative thinking and creative ideas for ‘Building Back Better’, the UNECE has decided to hold at its PPP Forum 2021, a competition. By utilising the UNECE People-first PPP Evaluation Methodology for this purpose, the competition will also serve to help test its effectiveness and use. The following note sets out the main features of this competition.

The main features of the UNECE Building Back Better infrastructure award are as follows:

  • How to participate: Applicants should submit their projects following the conditions described at the button below.
  • Deadline: The deadline to submit projects is 31 March 2021.
  • Winners: Different categories of awards will be given to the winners. Projects presented at UNECE Forums tend to receive high media attention nationally and internationally.


More details on the rules, terms and conditions of the competition can be found by clicking on:

PPP Awards 2021

For any further detail, please contact the PPP Secretary at