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(under development)

At its fourteenth session (2–3 October 2017), the Joint Task Force on Environmental Statistics and Indicators requested the secretariat to consider establishing a web-based portal through which users could seek guidance and information on environmental statistics and indicators.

This request was noted by the Working Group on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment at its twentieth session (3-4 September 2018). The Working Group invited the secretariat to explore further possibilities in this regard and to report back during its next session.

This page therefore serves as an interim space for the recording key resources, such as: 

 Other entries might provide:

  • Library of relevant guidelines, good practices, etc.

  • Links to key websites, e.g. on indicators for SDGs, indicator sets by OECD, EEA, etc.

  • Links to data flows or indicators per country for UNECE environmental indicators (via UNECE Statistics website)

  • Links to global, regional and national assessments and state-of-the-environment reports

  • Calendar of events