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Third meeting of the GGP International Working Group

24 - 26 May 2004
Spetses Greece


Source Document Title PDF DOC ZIP
PAU Final report of the meeting PDF    
Background Documents
PAU GGP Progress and Current Situation   PPT ZIP
PAU Criteria for Participation   PPT ZIP
PAU Suggestions for Cross–sectional Report Wave   PPT ZIP
PAU Technical Co–operation Arrangements   PPT ZIP
QDG 1 GGS Wave 1 Core Questionnaire PDF    
QDG 1 List of Edits to the Questionnaire — Update May 2004 PDF    
QDG 1 Optional Sub-Modules of the Questionnaire for Wave 1 PDF    
QDG 1 Instruments for the Questionnaire — Household Grid PDF    
QDG 1 Instruments for the Questionnaire — Show cards   DOC  
QDG 1 Instruments for the Questionnaire - Variable list   XLS  
QDG 1 GGS Wave 1 Questionnaire Manual PDF    
AWG A Framework for Analyses into the Dynamics of Relationships within the Family, the Generations and the Genders   PPT ZIP
AWG Training for Initial Country Analysis and Datafiles Preparation   PPT ZIP
CDBWG GGP Contextual Database of the: Overview, Conceptual Framework and the Link to the Generations and Gender PDF    
SDSWG GGS Sample Design Gudelines PDF    
ARG Use of Administrative Records Report PDF