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Raising awareness on mainstreaming ageing – three new tools

05 September 2023

This event was organized to inform members of the UNECE Standing Working Group on Ageing and other stakeholders, including civil society organizations, about three new tools to raise awareness on mainstreaming ageing in the region. The three new tools are based on the UNECE Guidelines for Mainstreaming Ageing, offering a range of complementary ways to learn about mainstreaming ageing and to put the latter into practice. The event featured presentations from Maria Varlamova (Jagiellonian University), Anastasia Oceretnîi (Moldova State University) and Ina Voelker (BAGSO) who contributed to the development of the three new tools. Participants of the event were invited by the Population Unit to indicate their interest in using the new tools to advance mainstreaming ageing in their countries or organizations.

The three tools presented during the meeting were:

1. Online Course on Mainstreaming Ageing: This short online course was developed to provide an interactive introduction to the UNECE Guidelines for Mainstreaming Ageing. It guides course takers through the process of developing a strategic approach to mainstreaming ageing. The course can be completed in about 2 hours, providing a non-technical introduction to the topic.

2. Training Workshop on Age-Sensitive Analysis and Policy Formulation: This one or two-day in-person training workshop provides participants with tools to conduct age-sensitive analysis of data and policy documents, enabling them to identify age-based inequalities, analyze root causes, and propose actionable solutions. It was piloted in the Republic of Moldova and in Georgia.

3. Expert Workshop on Mainstreaming Ageing: An engaging half-day expert workshop, either in person or online, to delve into discussions with national experts and stakeholders about the integration of ageing-related challenges across government policies, drawing on lessons learnt from gender mainstreaming. The workshop format was piloted in Germany.

All tools, as well as more information about them, are available here.