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New TIR Handbook and new ITDB software available at next session of WP.30

7 June 2002
At the forthcoming session of the UNECE Working Party WP.30 (Geneva, 19-21 June 2002), the UNECE and the TIR secretariats will distribute to all participants the latest 2002 version of the TIR Handbook in English, French and Russian. A reasonable number of hard copies of the TIR Handbook will be available free of charge.
The TIR secretariat will also make available to representatives of Customs authorities and national associations the latest software of the International TIR Database (ITDB) software on CD-Rom (incl. user manual). This latest software version is extremely user friendly and will allow Customs authorities and national associations to fulfil, in an efficient and secure manner, the mandatory provisions of controlled access to the TIR procedure and the capture and transmission of data to the TIRExB. One CD-Rom and a corresponding user manual is available free of charge for each Customs authority and each national association.
In order to facilitate distribution of the new TIR Handbook and the latest ITDB software to all participants without interrupting the session of WP.30, the TIR and UNECE secretariats will be at your disposal in Conference Room V of the Palais des Nations on Wednesday, 19 June 2002 as of 9.30 hours. The session of WP.30 will start at 10.00 hours in the same room.