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Mission to Budapest, Hungary

From 28 to 30 July 2022, the Special Envoy travelled to Budapest, Hungary to participate in the HUMDA exclusive roundtable on road safety. On its margins, the Special Envoy met with the following Government and private sector officials. This was the opportunity to, among the others, thank the Government for the continuous support to the UNRSF:

•    H.E. Prof. László Palkovics, Minister of Industry;
•    Mr. Levente Magyar, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade;
•    Ms. Alexandra Szentkirályi, Government Spokesperson;
•    Mr. Balazs Weingartner, President, HUMDA;
•    Mr. Juan Jose Bernat, CEO and Founder, NZI Helmet, and Mr. Ferencz Kornél, CEO, Vertikal Zrt.