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Kyrgyzstan can tap into strategic location along ‎key transport corridors: UN report‎

Improving the competitiveness and connectivity of Kyrgyzstan, which occupies a strategic location along key transport corridors between Europe and Asia, could enable the country to unlock significant untapped benefits from the increasing amount of freight that is choosing inland transport between the two continents.

UNECE supports countries to operationalize Euro-Asian inland transport ‎corridors

Making the most of regionally and internationally available standards, instruments and technologies can make a critical difference in strengthening the security of inland transport systems in Eurasia. It can also enable efficient international, multi-modal transport operations and the smooth processing of freight flows between the two continents, catalyzing sustainable economic growth for the 2030 Agenda.

UNECE, Eurostat and International Transport Forum improve comparability of transport statistics

For any evidence-based transport and sustainable mobility policy, producing relevant transport statistics that are timely, accurate and impartial is necessary. For instance, with 1.35 million people dying in road traffic accidents each year, there is much interest in comparing data on safety records across different modes of transport.

Safety at core of new Framework to guide UN regulatory work on autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are expected to bring enormous benefits to society in terms of enhanced mobility and increased safety. However, these benefits will only materialise if autonomous technologies are introduced in a transparent manner and based on the best global expertise and international cooperation. This is essential to guarantee the highest levels of safety and social acceptance.