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Download Documents for National Capacity-Building Seminar: Digitalization of Multimodal Data and Document Exchange, using UN/CEFACT standards

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Agenda-Seminar_Eng.pdf Agenda-Seminar_Eng.pdf (application/pdf, 205.53 KB) English Agenda - National Capacity-Building Seminar
Agenda-Seminar_Rus.pdf Agenda-Seminar_Rus.pdf (application/pdf, 205.37 KB) Russian Agenda - National Capacity-Building Seminar
PPT01_ConceptExpectation_MApostolov_Eng.pdf PPT01_ConceptExpectation_MApostolov_Eng.pdf (application/pdf, 129.63 KB) English Digitalization of Multimodal Data and Document Exchange Using UN/CEFACT Standards - Mr. Mario Apostolov, Regional Adviser, ECTD/UNECE
PPT01_ConceptExpectation_MApostolov_Rus.pdf PPT01_ConceptExpectation_MApostolov_Rus.pdf (application/pdf, 131.67 KB) Russian Digitalization of Multimodal Data and Document Exchange Using UN/CEFACT Standards - Mr. Mario Apostolov, Regional Adviser, ECTD/UNECE
PPT02_SeamlessMultimodalInfo_MApostolov_Rus.pdf PPT02_SeamlessMultimodalInfo_MApostolov_Rus.pdf (application/pdf, 4.11 MB) Russian Seamless multimodal information exchange using the UN/CEFACT standards - Mr. Mario Apostolov, Regional Adviser, ECTD/UNECE
PPT03_Standards_SProbert.pdf PPT03_Standards_SProbert.pdf (application/pdf, 2.96 MB) English UN/CEFACT standards for international supply chain semantic harmonization & trade facilitation - Ms. Sue Probert, Chair, UN/CEFACT
PPT05_DigitalCorridors_MApostolov_Rus.pdf PPT05_DigitalCorridors_MApostolov_Rus.pdf (application/pdf, 2.03 MB) English Digital corridors and the use of UN/CEFACT standards: Roadmap for the digitalization of multimodal data and document exchange in the Trans-Caspian Corridor - Mr. Mario Apostolov, Regional Adviser, ECTD/UNECE
PPT06_RailwayConsignmentNotes_MApostolov_Rus.pdf PPT06_RailwayConsignmentNotes_MApostolov_Rus.pdf (application/pdf, 2.39 MB) Russian Presentation on railway consignment notes - Mr. Mario Apostolov, Regional Adviser, ECTD/UNECE
PPT08_TRACECA_eCIM_SMGS.pdf PPT08_TRACECA_eCIM_SMGS.pdf (application/pdf, 3.01 MB) English Pilot project on the use of e-CIM/SMGS consignment note along selected TRACECA routes - Mr. Goran Andreev, TRACECA
PPT09_Orkhan_Namazov.pdf PPT09_Orkhan_Namazov.pdf (application/pdf, 1.67 MB) English Development of Electronic e-CIM/SMGS Consignment Notes: Enhancing Interoperability Across TRACECA Routes - Mr. Orkhan Namazov, consultant
PPT010_ConsignmentNotes_SProbert.pdf PPT010_ConsignmentNotes_SProbert.pdf (application/pdf, 1.68 MB) English Digitalization of road and air consignment notes, dangerous goods declarations - Sue Probert, UN/CEFACT Chair
PPT013_BusinessConsignmentNotesData_SProbert.pdf PPT013_BusinessConsignmentNotesData_SProbert.pdf (application/pdf, 1.8 MB) English Use of international standards for business to customs information exchange - Ms. Sue Probert, UN/CEFACT Chair
PPT016_Partnerships-synergiePilotImplementationProjects_Rus.pdf PPT016_Partnerships-synergiePilotImplementationProjects_Rus.pdf (application/pdf, 856.65 KB) Russian Partnerships and synergies in support of pilot implementation projects
Recommendations_Eng.pdf Recommendations_Eng.pdf (application/pdf, 222.2 KB) English Conclusions and Recommendations
Recommendations_Rus.pdf Recommendations_Rus.pdf (application/pdf, 252.32 KB) Russian Conclusions and Recommendations
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