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Download Documents for Extended EMEP SB/WGE Bureaux Meeting

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Document Filename Document File Language Document Information
Agenda_ExBureaux24_web.pdf Agenda_ExBureaux24_web.pdf (application/pdf, 180.79 KB) English Agenda
01_strategy.pdf 01_strategy.pdf (application/pdf, 99.13 KB) English Strategic discussion: WGE – 2025 and beyond
02_WGE Report.pdf 02_WGE Report.pdf (application/pdf, 488.74 KB) English Update on the Effects joint report based on the ICPs’ and Task Forces’ inputs into the Gothenburg Protocol review
04_TFH.pdf 04_TFH.pdf (application/pdf, 1.64 MB) English The Joint Task Force on the Health Aspects of Air Pollution – activities and the workplan 2024-2025
05_ICP_Materials.pdf 05_ICP_Materials.pdf (application/pdf, 1.34 MB) English ICP Materials: Progress on work plan 2024-2025
06_ICP_Waters.pdf 06_ICP_Waters.pdf (application/pdf, 1.07 MB) English ICP Waters Progress in 2023-2024-2025 workplan
07_ICP_Integrated Monitoring.pdf 07_ICP_Integrated Monitoring.pdf (application/pdf, 1.91 MB) English ICP Integrated Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Ecosystems
08_ICP_Vegetation.pdf 08_ICP_Vegetation.pdf (application/pdf, 3.97 MB) English ICP Vegetation update
09_ICP_Forests_0.pdf 09_ICP_Forests_0.pdf (application/pdf, 3.09 MB) English ICP Forest: Progress on work plan 2024-2025
10_ICP_MM.pdf 10_ICP_MM.pdf (application/pdf, 1.19 MB) English ICP Modelling and Mapping: progress in workplan 2024-2025
12_CDM.pdf 12_CDM.pdf (application/pdf, 347.06 KB) English Centre for Dynamic Modelling, ICP Modelling&Mapping: Damage to Biodiversity – a powerfulargument to limit air pollution
CEIP.pdf CEIP.pdf (application/pdf, 787.12 KB) English Emission inventories and adjustment procedure: Progress in the 2024-2025 work plan
TFEIP.pdf TFEIP.pdf (application/pdf, 730.08 KB) English TFEIP –Progress and Plans 2024
TFMM.pdf TFMM.pdf (application/pdf, 1.27 MB) English TFMM -progress in the 2024-25 workplan
CCC_.pdf CCC_.pdf (application/pdf, 2.02 MB) English Progress of work CCC
MSC_West.pdf MSC_West.pdf (application/pdf, 3.68 MB) English MSC-W: Progress of activities
HTAP.pdf HTAP.pdf (application/pdf, 917.4 KB) English HTAP: Update on progress in the work plan for 2024-2025
TFIAM-CIAM.pdf TFIAM-CIAM.pdf (application/pdf, 579.65 KB) English TFIAM-CIAM Work plan 2024-2025
MH Funding and Green.pdf MH Funding and Green.pdf (application/pdf, 2.06 MB) English Innovative funding sources
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