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Download Documents for (GE.2) Group of Experts on Road Signs and Signals (22nd session)

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ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE3-43e.pdf ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE3-43e.pdf (application/pdf, 134.36 KB) English Provisional agenda
ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE3-43f.pdf ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE3-43f.pdf (application/pdf, 148.88 KB) French Provisional agenda
ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE3-43r.pdf ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE3-43r.pdf (application/pdf, 156.19 KB) Russian Provisional agenda
ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-44.pdf ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-44.pdf (application/pdf, 138.83 KB) English Report
ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-44f.pdf ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-44f.pdf (application/pdf, 156.24 KB) French Report
ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-44r.pdf ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-44r.pdf (application/pdf, 175.29 KB) Russian Report
ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-Informal-1e.pdf ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-Informal-1e.pdf (application/pdf, 262.41 KB) English Road signs for small vehicles motorized light bus - (Nigeria and IROSI)
ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-Informal-2e.pdf ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-Informal-2e.pdf (application/pdf, 1.91 MB) English Alternative fuels - (IROSI)
ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-Informal-1e -Rev3 (23 June 2022).pdf ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-Informal-1e -Rev3 (23 June 2022).pdf (application/pdf, 166.73 KB) English Non-Convention signs – “cycles in shared roads” and “non- compulsory cycle track”- (Chair and the Secretariat)
ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-Informal-2 -Rev3 (23 June 2022) (003).pdf ECE-TRANS-WP1-GE2-Informal-2 -Rev3 (23 June 2022) (003).pdf (application/pdf, 121.17 KB) English Non-Convention signs – “cycle crossings located at pedestrian crossings” - (Chair and the Secretariat)
Informal document No.2-Rev1-11 October 2022.pdf Informal document No.2-Rev1-11 October 2022.pdf (application/pdf, 120.24 KB) English Cyclist crossings and cyclist crossings in close proximity to pedestrian crossings – danger warning signs - (Chair and the Secretariat)
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