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Download Documents for Twelfth meeting of the Task Force on Water and Climate

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0_general_presentation.pdf 0_general_presentation.pdf (application/pdf, 258.44 KB) English General presentation
TFWC_2021_agenda_Engl_1.pdf TFWC_2021_agenda_Engl_1.pdf (application/pdf, 136.63 KB) English Agenda
TFWC_2021_agenda_FR_1.pdf TFWC_2021_agenda_FR_1.pdf (application/pdf, 141.19 KB) French Agenda
TFWC_2021_agenda_RUS_1.pdf TFWC_2021_agenda_RUS_1.pdf (application/pdf, 191.77 KB) Russian Agenda
TFWC_2021_agenda_SPA_1.pdf TFWC_2021_agenda_SPA_1.pdf (application/pdf, 136.79 KB) Spanish Agenda
Indico LoP (1)_1.pdf Indico LoP (1)_1.pdf (application/pdf, 622.61 KB) English List of participants
ECE_MP.WAT_WG.1_2021_4-ECE_MP.WAT_WG.2_2021_4_ENG.pdf ECE_MP.WAT_WG.1_2021_4-ECE_MP.WAT_WG.2_2021_4_ENG.pdf (application/pdf, 448.52 KB) English Draft programme of work for 2022–2024
ECE_MP.WAT_WG.1_2021_4-ECE_MP.WAT_WG.2_2021_4_FRE.pdf ECE_MP.WAT_WG.1_2021_4-ECE_MP.WAT_WG.2_2021_4_FRE.pdf (application/pdf, 601.78 KB) French Draft programme of work for 2022–2024
ECE_MP.WAT_WG.1_2021_4-ECE_MP.WAT_WG.2_2021_4_RUS.pdf ECE_MP.WAT_WG.1_2021_4-ECE_MP.WAT_WG.2_2021_4_RUS.pdf (application/pdf, 642.71 KB) Russian Draft programme of work for 2022–2024
ECE_MP.WAT_WG.1_2021_4-ECE_MP.WAT_WG.2_2021_4.SPA_.pdf ECE_MP.WAT_WG.1_2021_4-ECE_MP.WAT_WG.2_2021_4.SPA_.pdf (application/pdf, 510.2 KB) Spanish Draft programme of work for 2022–2024
Decisions_ENGL.pdf Decisions_ENGL.pdf (application/pdf, 93.82 KB) English Decisions
Decisions_FR.pdf Decisions_FR.pdf (application/pdf, 93.5 KB) French Decisions
Decisions_RUS.pdf Decisions_RUS.pdf (application/pdf, 109.08 KB) Russian Decisions
Decisions_SPA.pdf Decisions_SPA.pdf (application/pdf, 94.78 KB) Spanish Decisions
3_item_1_Plotnykova.pdf 3_item_1_Plotnykova.pdf (application/pdf, 584.42 KB) English Current activities on climate change adaptation in transboundary basins under the Water Convention - Ms. Hanna Plotnykova, UNECE Water Convention Secretariat
4_item_1_Manandhar.pdf 4_item_1_Manandhar.pdf (application/pdf, 2.5 MB) English Opportunities for enhancing actions on water and climate under the UNFCCC process - Ms. Rojina Manandhar, UNFCCC secretariat
5_item_1_Koeppel.pdf 5_item_1_Koeppel.pdf (application/pdf, 542.91 KB) English Future programme of work for 2022-2024 of the Water Convention - Ms. Sonja Koeppel, UNECE Water Convention Secretariat
5_item_3_Hudson.pdf 5_item_3_Hudson.pdf (application/pdf, 250.76 KB) English UNDP-GEF International Waters Support to Transboundary Rivers, Lakes & Aquifers
Decisions.pdf Decisions.pdf (application/pdf, 122.16 KB) English Decisions - Presentation
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