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UNECE launches Russian language version of Dashboard for SDGs

UNECE launches Russian language version of Dashboard for SDGs

SDGs Dashboard in Russian

UNECE’s Dashboard for SDGs is now available in Russian, broadening the spectrum of constituents from across the region who can now access it with ease. The dashboard, launched in English in 2020, brings together available data for the 56 UNECE member States to provide a regional perspective on the global indicators.

With data for 80 regionally-relevant indicators across all 17 goals, users can see snapshots of where countries stand for each indicator; view differences between women and men; create graphs and maps; compare countries; access definitions and explanations; and download full datasets for more in-depth analysis. All the dashboard content, including graphs, tables and indicator descriptions, has been translated thanks to financial support provided by the Russian Federation.

Almost a quarter of users of the UNECE Statistical Database, which has for many years been available in both English and Russian, are located in Russian-speaking countries. By widening access to the SDG data in the same way, these Russian-speaking users will now be able to benefit more easily from the valuable insights offered by the SDG dashboard on progress towards the targets of the 2030 Agenda.

Partnerships for the goals

Such insights are an essential tool to ensure that policies are built on firm foundations, that the success of policy decisions can be monitored, and that governments are held accountable for fulfilling their commitments on sustainable development. Statistics are so crucial to sustainable development that one of the targets of goal 17, partnerships for the goals, is devoted entirely to improving the availability of high-quality, timely, reliable and extensively disaggregated data (target 17.18).

Countries need to work together to meet these demanding targets. The Conference of European Statisticians, UNECE’s statistical body, coordinates a wealth of activities to foster strategic partnerships among countries as they strive to improve the quality and availability of data for SDG monitoring. The dashboard for SDGs is one element of this suite of initiatives and resources.

CES work on statistics for SDGs, accessible via UNECE’s Knowledge Hub on Statistics for SDGs, ranges from the flagship CES Road Map on Statistics for SDGs to task teams of experts focusing on communication, data transmission and capacity development, and annual gatherings of experts on SDG measurement. Together these efforts help guide national statistical offices and other stakeholders towards filling the data gaps and producing a complete and accurate picture of progress towards the 2030 Agenda.

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