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Issue-based Coalitions

Issue-based Coalitions for the Europe and Central Asia region


Issue‐based Coalitions act as regional task forces to facilitate improved cooperation between different UN agencies and their partners. The Regional UN System Meeting has set up six Issue-based Coalitions, clustered around cross-cutting policy issues:


What is the role of Issue-based Coalitions?


Led by one or several agencies, these broad, multi-partner coalitions coordinate the UN response to cross-cutting challenges in the region, help realize synergies among related areas of work of different UN entities, and serve as platforms to reach out to non-UN stakeholders. Through regular meetings, the coalitions coordinate their cross-sectoral activities and develop plans for joint action (e.g. interagency guidance notes, common position papers, side events at intergovernmental meetings).


The work of the Issue-based Coalitions is guided by the Regional UN System Meetings, which decide over the establishment of new coalitions and review the work of existing coalitions.