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Information gathering and consultations

In order to perform its functions, the Committee is equipped with the information gathering and consultation functions (see decision VI/1, annex I, section VIII). The Committee may:

  • Request further information on matters under its consideration;
  • Undertake, with the consent of any Party concerned, information gathering in the territory of that Party;
  • Gather any information it deems appropriate, subject to the protection of information according to article 8 of the Convention;
  • Invite the Parties and non-Parties concerned to attend its meetings;
  • Seek the services of experts and advisers, as appropriate;
  • Seek the advice of the Meeting of the Parties and consult with other bodies of the Convention, as appropriate.

The Committee shall take into account all relevant information made available to it,

including from the public, and may consider any other information it deems appropriate.

Information gathering processes:

WAT/IC/INFO/1 (Irtysh River basin) (closed)

WAT/IC/INFO/2 (Albufeira Convention)