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NTFC Involvement in Pioneering Climate-Smart Trade Facilitation

NTFC Involvement in Pioneering Climate-Smart Trade Facilitation

UNECE Side-Session: Bridging Sustainability and Trade: Advancing Climate Action Through Digital Innovation

23 May 2024 15:00 - 16:00

In today's ever-changing landscape, the necessity to combat climate change intersects with sustainable trade facilitation. National Trade Facilitation Committees have a role to play in leveraging the digital economy and innovative technologies for reducing the carbon footprint in the international commerce and transportation of goods. Drawing from the lessons learned from the transformation of critical sectors for the green and digital transitions, such as the agri-food and textiles industries, this session will discuss principles, policies, standards and digital solutions for enhancing the ESG performance of international value chains. From a global perspective, this session fosters collaboration and innovation towards a more sustainable future.  


  • Political Commitment 

  • Technical Assistance for NTFCs in Climate Mitigation 

  • Transitioning to Circular Value Chains for Climate Resilience 

  • Traceability and Transparency of Value Chains

  • Effective Instruments for Sustainability and Climate Mitigation 

  • Innovating ESG Monitoring for Sustainable Trade 

  • Sharing Best Practices for Climate Action Across Borders 


Moderator: The Ambassador of Barbados - His Excellency Matthew Wilson


  • Poul Hansen, UNCTAD Chief, Trade Facilitation Section
  • Ingrid Zabaleta Chaustre, FAO Regional Executive Assistant + Cotton Project
  • Victoria Tusomisto, ITC Trade Facilitation Advisor
  • Stanley Treif, Vanuatu, Manager of the Vanuatu Electronic Single Window
  • Kevin Bishop, UNECE Information Management Officer

Online Stream of the Session

Please find below the UNCTAD YouTube link for live streamed sessions of the 3rd NTFC Global Forum 2024.

🔗 English Live Stream: UN Trade & Development Online