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Workshop on Renewable Energy in Transport

Workshop on Renewable Energy in Transport

21 November 2023
Tbilisi Georgia

UNECE is a custodian of wide range of transport-related legal instruments, regulations and recommendations which will, if implemented efficiently, assist Member States in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For many years, legal instruments developed under the UNECE auspices have assisted UN Member States in developing safe and environmentally friendly transport system; reducing the risk during the transport of dangerous goods; and ensuring that only safe and well-maintained vehicles can participate in traffic, thus limiting their environmental impact. Recently, UNECE was mandated to work on development agendas for electric vehicles (EV), issues surrounding the electrification of various transportation modes (public, private, and commercial vehicles), vehicle, charging, and battery technologies, policy harmonization, power systems to support the EV transition, and the role of EVs in integrating renewable electricity sources.
Georgia's 2030 Climate Change Strategy and 2021-2023 Action Plan accompanies the updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) to identify measures to meet unconditional and conditional commitments and mitigation targets in the transport, buildings, energy generation and transmission, agriculture, industry, waste management and forestry sectors. NDCs need to be updated every five years, and countries are expected to set more ambitious goals and targets each time. In the energy sector, Georgia has implemented and is implementing several important reforms, and its current legislation is largely aligned with EU legislation and directives. Georgia is strengthening the capacities of renewable energy integration in its transmission network. The share of renewable energy in Georgia’s energy supply in 2020 was 19.5%, of which 15% was electricity produced by hydroelectric plants and 5% was biomass-based (i.e., firewood and agricultural waste used for heating).


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Session I. What UNECE is doing in renewable energy