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Workshop on Ethics in Modern Statistical Organisations

Workshop on Ethics in Modern Statistical Organisations

26 - 28 March 2024
Geneva Switzerland

About the meeting

The workshop will address questions of business and data ethics in the current evolving landscape of Official Statistics. With adoption of new technologies and methodologies, old policy and guidelines of National Statistical Offices are no longer cover all aspects of business operations, so progress in data ethics is now more important than ever. Business ethics is also gaining importance, as NSOs must act as moral agents upholding ethical behavior. Addressing both these questions is essential to maintain public trust and credibility in an evolving and data driven environment.

The target audience of the includes senior and middle-level managers responsible for business, institutional and data ethics in their NSOs. As well as communication experts who handle ethical issues within their NSOs.

Detailed information and examples of topics to be covered in the meeting, registration, contributions and other organizational aspects can be found in Information Notice #1.

Document Title Documents Presentations
Information Notice 1 PDF  
Information Notice 2 (logistic information) PDF  
Session 1: Ethics in institutional contexts
Democracy dies in darkness without Official Data. Luca Di Gennaro Splendore (University of Malta) PDF  
Structure of ethical issues in new data ecosystems. Timo Koskimäki (Statistics Finland)    
Statistics Netherlands ethics committee – purpose, composition and methods. Esther de Heij (Statistics Netherlands)    
Revision of the Swiss Official Statistics Charter: opportunities and risks. Peter Laube (Swiss Ethics Council for Official Statistics), Marcus Baumann (Federal Statistical Office, Switzerland) PDF  
Ethical management in NSOs, survey results. Katia Ambrosino (Istat)    
Session 2: Ethics in daily work life    
French official statistician and ethics: from law to practice. Mylène Chaleix (Insee) PDF(en) / PDF (fr)  
Rules of Professional Ethics in the State Statistics Bodies of the Republic of Belarus. Volha Pazharytskaya (National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus) PDF  
Ethics implementation from unresponsive compliance to conscious commitment. Angela Leonetti (Istat)    
Session 3: Ethics for new data sources and technology    
Reimagining how we deliver quality data and statistics: Stats NZ Journey. Emma MacDonald (New Zealand)    
The Role of Data Ethics to Maintain and Improve Public Trust: The Statistics Canada Experience. Martin Beaulieu (Statistics Canada)    
Ethics and changing technology paradigm. Milana Karaganis (Statistics Canada)    
Session 4: Ethics and proactive communication    
An assessment of ethics and proactive communication practices in Nigerian Statistical System. Kumafan Dzaan (Central Bank of Nigeria)    
Statistical information: we cannot avoid communicating it, but we can do it well or poorly. There are many ways, so choosing the right one is crucial. Giulia Peci and Michela Troia (Istat)    
Building trust culture in the office – examples of ethics-driven proactive internal communication at Statistics Poland. Anna Borowska and Olga Świerkot-Strużewska (Statistics Poland)