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Methane Mondays - 10th Meeting

Methane Mondays - 10th Meeting

05 September 2023 16:00 - 17:30


The tenth session of the UNECE and Ember’s Methane Mondays online series was titled: “Politics of Methane.” 

Methane Monday

The session evaluated the actual impact of the existing initiatives to reduce methane emissions from the coal mining sector, and tried to answer the question of how to change methane from a divisive political matter to a unifying global challenge. 

The following matters were addressed at the meeting: 

  • Review of the existing agreements and/or initiatives targeting methane emissions undertaken by:
    • the governments,
    • the industries;
  • Assessment of up-to-date results of the existing methane emissions reduction initiatives;
  • Does politization of the problem prevent the governments from making a real difference? 
    • How to reconcile the positions of the developing and the developed States? 
    • How to give methane real importance domestically and escape from the short term focus of policymakers which is driven by election cycle politics.
  • What is the role of the civil society in addressing the issue of methane emissions?
  • What next?
    • Are we doomed to fail? 
    • Should the world give more attention to adaptation? 

Plase visit also a website dedicated to Methane Mondays series where you will find information about other sessions, as well as the link to Methane Mondays Interviews.