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ITS side event: UNECE moderated Executive session at the 8th ITS European Congress (Lyon, 2011)

ITS side event: UNECE moderated Executive session at the 8th ITS European Congress (Lyon, 2011)

06 - 09 June 2011
Lyon France

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During the 8th ITS European Congress in Lyon, 6-9 June 2011, UNECE was invited to present the Executive session "ITS for adaptive and resilient cities".


UNECE activities on ITS

The UNECE Transport Division has put ITS on its policy agenda. We just closed a public consultation on ITS and are now assessing the received input in order to present the UNECE strategy package on ITS. As one part of this, we will publish the UNECE Road Map on ITS laying down concrete actions to be performed in the future to deploy ITS globally.


About the Executive session

Cities and regions are living. They are subject to multiple influences which will have an effect on their evolution. Social factors, such as housing and employment location, building of leisure centres, behaviour of elderly inhabitants, as well as economic factors, such as price of energy, local and international commerce, result in a need for ITS to monitor these drivers, taking them into account in the management of networks, and influencing their effects on mobility and transportation trends. ITS provides the possibility to react, even in case of unpredictable events. Cities will be resilient only if accessibility is maintained at a high level for all citizens in any circumstances. Whilst protecting the urban legacy, ITS as a part of the urban and regional planning process will allow mobility for all citizens, even during emergency situations.



Mr. Eric-Mark Huitema, Smarter Transportation Leader Europe, IBM, The Netherlands

Ms. Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal, Director General, French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks – IFSTTAR, France

Mr. Claudy Lebreton, President, Côtes d’Armor County Council / ITS Bretagne, France

Mr. Hans Fiby, Project Manager, ITS Vienna Region, Austria


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27275 _ Mr. Hans Fiby - ITS Vienna region _ 367236 _ English _ 773 _ 352910 _ pdf
27275 _ Mrs. Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal - PhD, IFSTTAR _ 367237 _ English _ 773 _ 352911 _ pdf
27275 _ Mr. Edoardo Gianotti - UNECE focal point on ITS _ 367238 _ English _ 773 _ 352912 _ pdf