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38th UN/CEFACT Forum: Five Futures of Currency

38th UN/CEFACT Forum: Five Futures of Currency

Fiat vs CBDC, Stablecoins, and Crypto

19 May 2022 12:30 - 13:30
Virtual meeting Geneva Switzerland

Digital currency will shape and define how and with whom the future of trade is conducted.

This lunch and learn will share the insight of over 100 superforecasters that identified Technological, Economic, Geopolitical, Societal, and Environmental risks and trends that will shape the future of currency and payments.

Come and discuss the five plausible futures of currency:

  1. Regulatory Centralization: CBDC,
  2. Decentralized Metaverse: Stablecoins/Crypto,
  3. A Divided World,
  4. Infrastructure Failure,
  5. BIOmoney,

their implications for trade, your organization, early warning signals, and back-casting preparation.

The goal of the UN/CEFACT Forum Lunch and Learn on Five Futures of Currency is to answer the questions:

  • What will the future of currency and payments look like in 10 years?
  • What risks and trends will be the most influential in shaping the currency of the future? 
  • What are the early warning signal to watch for?
  • What are the implications for your organization?
  • How will traceability and transparency be effected? 
  • How can you and your organization prepare?
  • How will the standards of e-trade be effected by these future?

in order for organization to understand how the future of currency will influence global trade, data privacy, and geoeconomic power.

  • Ms. Lois Tullo, Expert & CFO/CCO/CRO, Risk Mgt Faculty and Researcher
       PPT    Report
  • Mr. Marek Laskowki, UN/CEFACT Vice Chair