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GRVA technical workshop on Artificial Intelligence (2nd)

GRVA technical workshop on Artificial Intelligence (2nd)

In the context of Vehicle Regulations

09 May 2022 13:30 - 15:00

This workshop was a follow-up of the first workshop that took place on 18 March 2022

The group reviewed a clean version of the draft AI-related definitions (in the context of vehicle regulations) as well as input prepared by Industry on use cases and their relevance for GRVA regarding safety. It also discussed the impact of AI on the New Assessment Test Method developed by the IWG on Validation Method for Automated Driving (VMAD). It reviewed a document prepared by Germany on AI-relevant use cases in automotive engineering.


Working paper


27243 _ (CLEPA/OICA) AI impact on ADS assessment _ 367328 _ English _ 773 _ 353109 _ pptx Impact of AI on ADS assessment.pdf (application/pdf, 139.46 KB) pdf
27243 _ (CLEPA/OICA) AI automotive applications _ 367329 _ English _ 773 _ 353126 _ xlsx AI Automotive applications.pdf (application/pdf, 102.54 KB) pdf