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GRVA technical workshop on Artificial Intelligence

GRVA technical workshop on Artificial Intelligence

In the context of Vehicle Regulations

18 March 2022 12:30 - 15:30

Following the AC.2 decisions November 2020 and the discussions at the last 4 sessions of GRVA, GRVA requested the secretariat to organize a technical workshop focusing primarily on definitions for Artificial Intelligence relevant for GRVA activities, and, if possible i.e. if time is available, exploring more in detail the potential role of vehicle regulation(s) and guidance document(s) with regard to AI. (See decision 4 of the list of decisions of the 12th GRVA session.)

The workshop:

  • Discussed specific issues related to Artificial Intelligence in the context of vehicle regulations
  • Drafted definitions for the purpose of GRVA and WP.29.
  • Reflected on the potential role of vehicle regulations with regards to AI.


This workshop was followed by a second one (9 May 2022), focusing on AI use cases (and related relevance/risk assessment) as well as possible impact on the NATM (developed by the IWG on VMAD)


25445 _ (UNECE) Agenda of the GRVA workshop on AI _ 365889 _ English _ 773 _ 350944 _ docx Agenda.pdf (application/pdf, 76.4 KB) pdf

Working papers

25147 _ (UNECE) Working paper for the workshop _ 365754 _ English _ 773 _ 349609 _ docx


25443 _ (UNECE) Introduction _ 365888 _ English _ 773 _ 350946 _ pdf