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Methane Mondays - 4th Meeting

Methane Mondays - 4th Meeting

21 February 2022 15:00 - 16:30


The fourth session of the Methane Mondays series was titled: Monitoring, reporting and verification of methane emissions from coal mines. Best practices and the way forward.

Methane Monday

Presentations that were delivered at the workshop addressed the following matters:

  • Why is MRV important?
  • What are the current best methods and practices in monitoring methane emissions from coal mines (on-site, remote)?
  • Examples of the existing reporting schemes:
    • at the national level,
    • at the international level.
  • Is verification:
    • Possible (how is it done in different reporting schemes)?
    • Accurate and reliable?
    • Can the verification process be expanded to the inventory process?