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Training session on SEA screening and scoping for the municipal spatial plans

Training session on SEA screening and scoping for the municipal spatial plans

16 - 17 May 2019
Tbilisi Georgia

Since mid 2018, a number of municipalities in Georgia have already been preparing their spatial plans with many others to follow in the course of 2019. Further to the Environmental Assessment Code of Georgia these spatial plans and other plans and programmes to be developed at a municipal level require – prior to their adoption – carrying out a strategic environmental assessment. As the Code was only recently adopted its enforcement still requires improvements, in particular at the local level.

This workshop will launch a series of training events to enhance capacities of municipal and environmental authorities of Georgia in application of SEA in accordance the Georgian Environmental Assessment Code that fully transposes requirements of the UNECE Protocol on SEA.

The participants of the workshop – from Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, National Environmental Agency, Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Tbilisi City Hall and other selected municipalities – will get familiar with the main principles of efficient application of SEA in urban planning with a special focus to the screening and scoping stages. The training programme will continue in the course of 2019/2020 focusing on other SEA steps, including under the EU4Environment action.

The training workshop is financed mainly by the Government of the Czech Republic with additional support provided under EU-funded EU4Environment action. The activity is supposed to be followed by the second event (later in 2019) dedicated to further steps of SEA process.

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