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Seminar on Flood Prevention, Protection and Mitigation

Seminar on Flood Prevention, Protection and Mitigation

21 - 22 June 2004
Berlin Germany

The Seminar on flood prevention, protection and mitigation took place on 21 and 22 June 2004 in Berlin at the invitation of the Government of Germany.

The Seminar brought together policy and decision makers, lawyers, economists, managers and technical experts and provided a platform for governmental officials to meet experts from the public and private sector and share their experience with the implementation of the Guidelines on Sustainable Flood Prevention, adopted by the Parties to the Convention in March 2000.

The Seminar led to further joint activities in Europe to promote the convergence of policies and strategies and facilitate their implementation within the scope of the Convention and its related Protocols on Water and Health and on Civil Liability in international, transboundary, national and local contexts.

Below are made available the official seminar documents.

Document Title     ENG FRE RUS
MP.WAT/SEM.3/2004/1  Programme of the seminar - First announcement and call for discussion papers   PDF PDF PDF
MP.WAT/SEM.3/2004/2  Provisional agenda for the seminar   PDF    
MP.WAT/SEM.3/2004/3  Report   PDF PDF PDF
MP.WAT/SEM.3/2004/4  Experience with the implementation of the 2000 UNECE Guidelines on Sustainable Flood Prevention   PDF    
MP.WAT/SEM.3/2004/5  Possible options to further develop and strengthen a common framework for flood protection, prevention and mitigation   PDF    

and the conference room papers

CRP. 2 Meteorological causes of floods in the Odra basin (submitted by Poland)
CRP. 3 A project of modernization of the state hydrometeorological service in Poland (submitted by Poland)
CRP. 4 Ecological aspects of flood defences (submitted by Poland)
CRP. 5 GIS integrated tool - from models to sharing information via internet (submitted by Poland)
CRP. 6 Cooperation of crisis services with media during flood events (submitted by Poland)
CRP. 7 Occurrence of droughts in Poland (submitted by Poland)
CRP. 8 Floods in Europe (submitted by Poland)
CRP. 9 Flood defence of towns exemplified by Slubice in 1997 (submitted by Poland)
CRP. 10 UBA research project on prevention and mitigation of industrial accidents caused by floods (submitted by Germany)
CRP. 11 Transboundary simulations of floods: evaluation of flood prevention measures and the development of a european flood alert system (submitted by the European Commission)
CRP. 12 The management of the defense against floods past, present and future (submitted by Romania)