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Central and East European Workshop on Social Housing

Central and East European Workshop on Social Housing

"Options for Social Rental Housing in the Central and East European Workshop on Social Housing"

06 - 07 October 2008
Budapest Hungary

This workshop was organized by the Metropolitan Research Institute, Budapest (MRI) in cooperation with the Council of Europe under the aegis of UNECE.



The Momentum for Social Housing in CEE, Paola Deda (UNECE)

Session 1: International comparison - Perspectives from West Europe

Social housing actors in Europe: looking from the West to the East, Darina Czischke (CECODHAS)

Social housing: Another French Exception?, Christian Tutin, University of Paris East (Créteil)

Learning from the Past? - Essay of a comparative approach of social housing history, Claire Lévy-Vroelant (University of Paris 8 Saint-Denis) and Christoph Reinprecht (University of Vienna)

Session 2: International comparison - Perspectives from Central East Europe

Social housing experiences in transitional countries - divergences or convergences, József Hegedüs (MRI)

Social elements in the Russian housing system - new versus old social rental sector, Alexander Puzanov (Institute for Urban Economics, Moscow)

Social housing in the Czech Republic - Unresolved Question and Future Prospects, Martin Lux (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) and Daniel Grabmüllerová (Ministry for Regional Development, Czech Republic)

HFH's  experience  with  providing  housing  for  low-income  groups  with CEE, Loucine  Hayes  (HFH)

Session 3.  Social housing in national housing strategies

Social housing in South East Europe, Sasha Tsenkova (University of Calgary)

Social housing as a residual part of social care in Croatia, Gojko Bezovan (University of Zagreb)

Housing programs on the halfway between human rights and social rights, Nermina Dzepar-Ganibegovic (MHRR Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Social rental programs in Slovakia, Elena  Szolgayova  (Ministry  of  Construction  and  Regional  Development)

Session 4.  Public Rental housing programs

Serbia  SIRP  program  (UN-Habitat  and  Italian  Government), Djordje  Mojovic  (UN-Habitat  Serbia)

The story of “TBS” – is it a sustainable model?, Alina   Muzioł-Węcławowicz   and   Jolanta   Bondarczuk   (National   Economy   Bank,   Poland)

Social   Housing   in   Supportive   Environment - Housing for the most vulnerable refugees and IDPs in Serbia, Branislava,   Zarkovic   (Housing   Center,   Belgrade)

Housing for vulnerable groups -- Roma programs in Hungary, Nóra Teller (MRI)

Social  Housing  in  Belgrade:  Strategy  and  Practice, Mina  Petrovic  (University  of  Belgrade)

Session 5.  Role of international agencies and institutions – a critical review

FEANTSA experiences in transitional countries, Freek Spinnewijn (FEANTSA)

CEB’s experience in social housing: examples of project financing in member countries, Eva Schwebel (CEB)

Guidelines for Social Housing, Lindsay Youngs (Council of Europe)

The   EU   and   social   housing   in   Eastern   Europe:   the   experience of CECODHAS, Alice   Pittini   (CECODHAS)

Session 6.  Measuring the efficiency of program indicators

Housing Policy Index, Christopher Vincent (HFHI Europe & Central Asia)