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Group of experts on Business Registers

Group of experts on Business Registers

21 - 23 September 2015
Brussels Belgium
  Document Title Documents Presentations
  Report PDF  
  Agenda PDF  
Session I: Producing entrepreneurship statistics by combining statistical business registers (SBR) with other data sources
  Profiling the entrepreneur: Overview of experiences, OECD   PDF
  Business Demographics from Statistics Canada: The Role of the Business Register PDF PDF
  The Dutch ‘Satellite of Self-Employment’, Netherlands PDF PDF
  Business Demography in the Russian Federation  



  Informal employment and SBR coverage by comparing Labour Force Survey with Statistical Business Register, Tunisia PDF PDF
  Use of SBR and other data sources for production of entrepreneurship statistics in Georgia PDF PDF
  Measuring the Entrepreneur: A Comparative Analysis Using Business and Household Data, Italy PDF PDF
  Business demography in Mexico. Progress and Perspectives PDF PDF
Session II: Linking of statistical business registers and trade statistics
  Global assessment of linking trade statistics and the business register, UNSD   PDF
  Profile of the export and import enterprises in Dominican Republic PDF (ESP) PDF (ESP)
  Statistics on trade by enterprise characteristics, Eurostat PDF PDF
  Use of SBR for FATS, Germany   PDF
  Linking Foreign Direct Investment Data (FDI) to the BLS Business Register: Developing Employment Measures Related to Foreign Direct Investment, United States PDF PDF
  Links between trade statistics and profiling in the French business register PDF (FRE) PDF
  Nordic-OECD project on Microdata linking to account for firm heterogeneity in GVCs, Denmark   PDF
Session III: Use of geo-spatial information and other sources – matching methods and practices to improve the SBR
  Establishment geo-referencing system for mobile devices used in the Mexican 2014 Economic Censuses and perspectives of use for geo-referencing economic units from administrative registers PDF PDF
  Linking SBR with geo-spatial information, UNSD   PDF
  Geocoding process of the 9th Industry and Services Census data: sources and methods used, Italy PDF PDF
  Geospatially enabling the ABS Business Register, Australia PDF PDF
  The identification of Micro, Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) through the National Household Survey of Multiple Purposes, Dominican Republic PDF (ESP) PDF (ESP)
  The system of feedback from statistical surveys ("Survey side of SBR”) in Bosnia and Herzegovina PDF PDF
  Room document: Geolocation of Business Registers data, Canada PDF  
Special Session: Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers    
  Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers, Austria   PDF
Session IV: The role of statistical business registers in the modernization of the statistical production and services – GSBPM, GSIM, data warehouse, use of new data sources, including big data
  Modernising Official Statistics, UNECE   PDF
  Lessons learned from implementing GSBPM, Estonia PDF PDF
  Transforming the ABS Business Register, Australia PDF PDF
  Challenges of SBR modernization with respect to specific statistical subjects, Montenegro PDF PDF
  EuroGroups Register contributions to ESS Enterprise Architecture, Eurostat PDF PDF
  EuroGroups Register Identification Service, Eurostat PDF PDF
  SBR and the Transformative Agenda of official statistics, UNSD   PDF
Session V: Outputs of the statistical business registers – visualization, spatial information, SBR apps, open data
  EuroGroups Register FATS interface, Eurostat   PDF
  Open data and Business Register data in Statistics Finland   PDF
Special Session: Country Progress Reports
  Country Progress Report 2014, Austria PDF PDF