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Workshop on Migration Statistics

Workshop on Migration Statistics

17 - 18 May 2016
Palais des NAtions Geneva Switzerland


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   Timetable (updated 16 May 2016) PDF   PDF
  Information Note for participants PDF   PDF
  Report of the Workshop PDF   PDF
  Item 2: Handbook on the Use of Administrative Sources and Sample Surveys to Measure International Migration in the CIS Region: Main messages and recommendations      
  Administrative sources (MSU)     PDF
  Sample surveys (UNECE) PDF    
  Item 3. Country presentations on recent progress      
  Collection and use of data from different sources to define the volume of the international migration in the Republic of Moldova  (Republic of Moldova)    
  Coordination between the institutions in the use of administrative sources for migration measurement (Republic of Moldova) PDF   PDF
  Overview of External Migration Statistics in Georgia (Georgia) PDF    
  The measurement of external labour migration in Ukraine in the framework of Labour Force Survey (Ukraine) PDF   PDF
  Administrative sources of migration data in the Republic of Tajikistan (Tajikistan)     PDF
  Data sources and organization of statistical registration of migration in the Russian Federation (Russian Federation)     PDF
  Item 4. How to use administrative sources to measure migration and improve cooperation between producers      
  Administrative sources     PDF
  Item 5. Linking administrative and survey- or census-based sources      
  Emigrating Israeli Families – Identification Using Official Israeli Databases (Israel) PDF   PDF
  Item 6. CIS action plan implementation      

Action plan for improving migration statistics in the CIS region (CISSTAT)

  Item 7. Way forward in implementing the recommendations of the handbook      
  Way forward in Implementing the Recommendations of the Handbook (UNECE) PDF