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11th Joint Task Force on Environmental Statistics and Indicators

11th Joint Task Force on Environmental Statistics and Indicators

30 June - 01 July 2016
Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland

Document Title
Documents Presentations
  Provisional annotated agenda PDF PDF  
  Programme PDF PDF  
  Adopted conclusions PDF    
  Revised Report (uploaded 27 February 2017) PDF PDF  
  Session 4 -  Adoption of the report of the 10th session of the JTF on EI PDF PDF  
  Session 5 -  Revised Terms of Reference of the JTF PDF    
  Session 6 -  Outcomes of the 17th session of the WGEMA PDF    
  Session 7 -  Implementation of the recommendations for the production and online sharing of selected environmental indicators PDF    

Country example of the Russian Federation

                    Accessibility and data quality issues for selected indicators - presentation by ECE PDF    

The Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics 2013, the Environment Statistics Self-Assessment Tool (ESSAT), and the Manual for the Basic Set of Environment Statistics



  Session 8 -  Waste statistics    

Introduction into the session on waste statistics


UNSD’s Environment Statistics Data Collection, Response Rates and Data Quality

                    Country example - presentation by Armenia     PDF

Country example - presentation by Netherlands


 E-waste statistics, Global trends and societal impact - presentation by UNU-IAS

  Session 9 -  Environmental indicators in the context of current policy initiatives    

Linking the UNECE environmental indicators to global policy initiatives and environment-related statistical frameworks


Mapping of UNECE Environmental Indicators with SEEA-CF, OECD Green Growth indicators and SDGs

  Session 10 - Measuring the Green Transformation (OECD)     PDF
                    Country example - presentation by Kazakhstan      PDF
                    Country example - presentation by Ukraine     PDF
                    Measuring the Green Transformation of the Economy: Guide for EU Eastern Partnership countries - Draft for comments PDF PDF  
  Background documents      

Eurostat Manual for air emissions accounts