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Seminar on Poverty Measurement

Seminar on Poverty Measurement

12 - 13 July 2016
Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland


Document Title
Documents Presentations
  Report PDF      
  Report with summary of discussions (ECE/CES/2017/15/Add.2) PDF      
  Provisional agenda PDF PDF    
  Tentative Timetable (revised 6 July 2016) PDF PDF    
  Information Note Word      
  Item 2: Guide on Poverty Measurement        
1 Overview of the Guide on Poverty Measurement (Poland)     PDF  
WP2 Chapter Introduction, Guide on Poverty Measurement PDF      
WP3 Chapter 1 Conceptual background, Guide on Poverty Measurement PDF      
  Item 3: Measurement challenges in consumption and income poverty        
WP4 Chapter 2 “Monetary Poverty”, Guide on poverty measurement (United Kingdom) PDF   PDF  
WP5 Measurement Challenges in Income Poverty:  Estimating the Value of  Social Transfers for the United States Supplemental Poverty Measure (United States) PDF PDF PDF  
5Add1 Tables XLS XLS


6 Rent imputation for welfare aggregates: a methodological framework (World Bank)     PDF  
WP7 Using statistical matching to facilitate the comparison of poverty estimates using income, consumption and wealth (United Kingdom) PDF PDF PDF  
8 Latest developments in EU-SILC (Eurostat)     PDF  
  Item 4: Country cases in poverty measurement        
WP9 Methods of poverty assessment in the Republic of Belarus (Belarus) PDF PDF PDF PDF
WP10 Monitoring different poverty forms in Ukraine (Ukraine) PDF PDF PDF PDF
11 Indicator set for assessing deprivation: An attempt for harmonization in the presence of large inter-regional differentiation (Russian Federation)     PDF PDF
  Item 5: Comparability issues in measuring multidimensional poverty        
WP12 Chapter 4 “Multidimensional Poverty”, Guide on poverty measurement (Oxford University) PDF   PDF  
WP13 Measuring Multidimensional Poverty - Evidence from Moldova (Republic of Moldova) PDF   PDF  
  Item 6: Linkages between poverty, inequality and vulnerability        
WP14 Social perception of poverty and inequalities in Poland on the basis of the Social Cohesion Survey 2015 (Poland) PDF   PDF  
15 Methodological developments in measuring inequality and poverty during the transition to new sources of information: Experience and challenges (Russian Federation)     PDF PDF
WP16 Poverty and Inequality in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CISSTAT) PDF PDF PDF PDF
17 High Frequency Welfare Monitoring: Listening to Tajikistan (World Bank)     PDF  
  Item 7: Communicating statistics on poverty and inequality        
18 Tools for data visualization: why, what and how (World Bank)     PDF  
19 Data access (World Bank)     PDF  
  Item 8: Poverty and inequality in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development        
WP20 Poverty and inequality in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (EU FRA) PDF PDF PDF  
WP21 Measuring inequalities in income and wealth in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: A review of recent data and implications for the SDGs (UNDP) PDF   PDF