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CES Bureau meeting

CES Bureau meeting

11 - 12 October 2016
Ottawa Canada


Document Title

Provisional agenda



02 In depth review Governance PDF
02/Add.1 UNECE Note on review on Governance PDF
03 In-depth review of exchange and sharing of economic data PDF
04 Statistical Programme 2017 PDF
05/Add.1 Terms of Reference of a Task Force on reporting SGD indicators using National Reporting Platforms PDF
05/Add.2 Statistics for SDGs in the CIS region PDF
06 Progress report on the Task Force on a Set of climate change-related indicators PDF
07 Problems with Waste statistics and proposal for action PDF
08 Global production: follow-up  PDF
09 Global production and financial markets PDF
10 Capacity building related to sustainable development goals and modernization of official statistics PDF
12 Follow-up to the CES 2016 Seminar on strategic partnerships PDF
13 Follow-up to CES 2016 Seminar on Geospatial PDF
17 Revised Guide on measuring human capital PDF
17/Add.1 Guide on measuring human capital PDF
18 Revised report on defining and measuring circular migration PDF
18/Add.1 Defining and measuring circular migration PDF
19 Revised recommendations on ageing-related statistics PDF
19/Add.1 Recommendations on ageing-related statistics PDF