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UN/CEFACT Mini Conference on Travel and Tourism Domain Projects

UN/CEFACT Mini Conference on Travel and Tourism Domain Projects

28 September 2016
Bangkok Thailand

The UN/CEFACT Travel and Tourism Domain has been working to standardize Small-scale Lodging House (SLH) Information Process and Destination Travel Information (DTI) Process based on the UN/CEFACT Technical Specifications, Modelling Methodology, etc.

  • SLHs are lodging houses traditionally frequented by locals. The project helps them attract foreign visitors who wish to experience the region and its culture by staying in these lodging houses. This project has been completed and is in maintenance stage.
  • DTI is a complementary project to help visitors access and understand the region they plan to visit by providing information on local experience programmes. This project is near completion.

The aim of the two projects is to vitalize (or sometimes revitalize) regions by encouraging visitors to visit them and, by doing so, keep them sustainable. The projects provide general information, travel product information, and reservation-related information to be exchanged among business partners.

The Travel and Tourism Domain has started to construct related computer systems among 6 Asian countries. This project can be replicated to cover other regions in the world.

Mini Conference on Wednesday, 28 September 2016, 08:30 – 12:00

The objective of the Mini Conference to be held during the 28th UN/CEFACT Forum is to showcase the ongoing work in the Travel and Tourism Domain and get feedback from the participants on future development. It is hoped that the participants will be motivated to consider regional vitalization by promoting SLHs with the use of DTI.