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1st meeting of the Expert group on LTSP

1st meeting of the Expert group on LTSP

09 - 10 October 2006
Oslo Norway

The first meeting of the Expert Group on Long-Term Strategic Planning took place in Oslo, 9-10 October 2006. The meeting was serviced by the UNECE secretariat. The expert group addressed issues identified in Decision II/8 of the MOP, which calls for the development of

“a strategic plan for the Convention covering a 5-year period starting the year following the third meeting of the Parties and containing the following main elements:

  1. Vision or mission;
  2. Focal areas and their specific goals and objectives;
  3. Indicative types of activity;
  4. Implementing partners;
  5. Framework for implementation of the strategic plan.”

The Expert Group agreed upon the procedure and timetable for its further work, including a public consultation phase.

LTSP-1 Report - download in English

               Document Title   ENG FRE RUS
Strategic Planning for the Convention (MP.PP/WG.1/2004/16)   PDF PDF PDF
Decision II/8 (ECE/MP.PP/2005/12)   PDF PDF PDF
Report of the sixth meeting of the Working Group of the Parties (ECE/MP.PP/WG.1/2006/2)   PDF PDF PDF
Procedure for preparing long-term strategic plan (ECE/MP.PP/WG.1/2006/10)   PDF PDF PDF