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Infrastructures and Urban Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities from the ground

Infrastructures and Urban Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities from the ground

02 October 2018
Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland

Time: 15:00 - 18:00

Venue: Room VIII, Palais des Nations, Geneva

Over two years after the adoption of the Paris Agreement, a variety of Sustainable Development Goals such as SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities still lack an effective methodology to be effectively assessed/implemented. The elaboration of innovative methodologies and set of effective indicators related to key areas of urban sustainability thus continues to be a top priority for national, regional and local governments alike.

The UNECE Housing and Land Management Unit and the University of Geneva organize this session with the objective of providing a platform for experts to share some of ongoing research and best practices to effectively evaluate some of 21st century’s key urban challenges and measure progress.
In an effort to provide timely discussion, the financing, delivery and maintenance of sustainable urban infrastructure projects will be at the centre of the discussion table. In this and other urban sustainability contexts, policy instruments to ensure cross sectoral integration of governance frameworks and the pivotal role of data collection and management will be explored while ensuring positive impact for the wellbeing of the targeted communities.

The roundtables will also provide a platform to bring in experts on urban sustainability to:

-    Foster discussion for (future) research and capacity building.
-    Providing a platform to connect and improve cooperation among different urban stakeholders (IO’s, city governments, private sector, academia, NGO’s)
-    Establishing the basis for 4 thematic workshops (possibly becoming a regional observatory to monitor and assess development in these areas)

Draft agenda