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Workshop on Integration of E-Mobility into Energy System

Workshop on Integration of E-Mobility into Energy System

11 April 2024 15:00 - 18:00
online and Geneva Switzerland
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Electrification of mobility will have as high impact on the design and operation of the electric grid as it will have on transportation systems themselves. Electric loads will grow significantly and fuel sources will be strained as we swap out petroleum-based fuels for electricity.  In addition, chargers themselves represent large, undiversified loads and potential cyberattack surface. 

The location and operation of electrical vehicle (EV) chargers (private or public) need to be integrated with grid and resource planning, and a greater emphasis should be placed on cybersecurity.  This will be particularly true of co-located public chargers, charging infrastructure to support medium and heavy-duty trucking, and any implementation of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) approaches.

As a result, ensuring a balanced integration of electric mobility calls for collaboration and information sharing between governments, electricity and transport sector experts, and other stakeholders active in the related areas.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) addresses this issue and contributes to the analysis and the assessment of the degree of integration of e-mobility into energy system, and on the impact that it has on the electricity system design and operations.

The Workshop on Integration of E-Mobility into Energy System will be held on 11 April 2024. The event is meant to identify the current “state of affairs” relative to e-mobility/electric grid integration and identify gaps where the UNECE’s Expert Groups could make a meaningful difference. 

The event objective is to discuss the following:

  • Requirements for power generating resources to displace direct combustion of petrol-based fuels to electric power;
  • Potential risks to the electric grid;
  • Technical aspects of grid friendly EVs charging behaviours and vehicle to grid integration;
  • Challenges in managing the transition to avoid adverse impacts on reliability of electricity systems;
  • Necessity for cross-sectoral coordination to ensure power system resilience and security


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