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12th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development (hybrid, September - November 2022)

12th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development (hybrid, September - November 2022)

01 September - 30 November 2022

The International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development is a platform that provides context and enables clear-sighted action. The Twelfth Forum (IFESD-12) is organized jointly by the United Nations Regional Commissions in partnership with other international organizations. IFESD-12 will provide an opportunity for collaboration among the organizations of the United Nations system, governments, civil society, financial institutions, the private sector, and academia needed to integrate the responses to immediate challenges with meeting the objectives on sustainable energy. As last year, IFESD-12 will be organized as a series of workshops that will be conducted in a hybrid format (in-person and online participation) between September and November 2022.

In the current geopolitical situation, with rapidly growing energy prices, issues of energy security coming to the fore, challenges of energy affordability becoming ever more pronounced, and climate change solutions losing priority, a global momentum to accelerate a shift towards decarbonised, climate resilient energy systems and universal energy access must be maintained. The world has been undergoing a transformation of energy systems at an unprecedented scale, accelerated by innovations, rapid cost declines for clean technologies, and related policy shifts. New off-grid solutions and business models have been expanding electricity access, while also creating jobs, empowering women and making communities more resilient. These gains for clean, affordable, and modern energy services must not be lost. To decide on specific courses of action for the sustainable energy to pursue, the countries should reflect on the strategic approach on energy. Short-term problems, however important and acute, must not overshadow long-term goals. The Twelfth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development (IFESD-12) is an opportunity to reflect on the implications of the current status of energy systems globally and ways to pursue energy resilience and energy sustainability.

Concept Note

Registration and Logistics

Each event in the framework of the Forum will have its own Registration link. Please register directly for each event you would like to participate in when the information is available. Each event will have its logistical information.


Side event - Global South-South Development Expo 2022 Overcoming Challenges and Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Energy Transition through South-South Cooperation. 13 September 2022, 11:50-13:05 Bangkok time (6:50-8:05 Geneva; 7:50-9:05 Beirut) - Online and UN Conference Centre, Conference Room 4, Bangkok, Thailand. Co-organized by UNECE, UNESCAP, and UNESCWA.

Expert Group Meeting Blockchain in sustainable energy transition. 20 September 2022, 15:00-16:30 Beirut time – virtual. Organized by UNESCWA.

Improving the Resilience of Energy Systems through Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Demand-Side Perspective and Cross-Sectoral Approach. 5 October 2022, 14:00-17:00 Geneva time – Online and Palais des Nations, Conference Room XXII, Geneva, Switzerland. Organized by UNECE.

Towards COP27: UNECE Regional Forum on Climate Initiatives to Finance Climate Action and the SDGs. 17 October 2022, 9:00 - 17:30 Geneva time, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland and online. Co-organized by UNECE, Egyptian Presidency of COP27, and UN Climate Change High-Level Champions.

Energy System Resilience: The Future of Gas Supply in Europe. 18 October 2022 14:00 - 17:00 Geneva time - Online and Palais des Nations, Room H-307-1. Organized by UNECE

Extractive industries as an engine for sustainable development: Role of minerals and raw materials to support the energy transition in the Arab region. 20-21 October 2022, Beirut and online. Organised by UNESCWA.

Circular carbon economy: improving industrial energy efficiency and decarbonization of energy intensive industries. Side Event of COP27. Co-organized by UNESCWA, UNECE, UNIDO, UNEP, and UNDP. Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and online. November 2022 (date TBD).

Coal industry in transition: state of affairs of coal mine closure in the selected UNECE member States - challenges, lessons learned, ongoing projects, perspectives for the future. Organized by UNECE and the International Centre of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane in Poland, Jaworze, Poland, and online, 9 November 2022, 15:45 - 17:45.

Best Practices Related to De-Risking Small-Scale Renewable Energy in Rural Areas. Online (date TBD). Organized by UNESCWA

International workshop on Gender Empowerment and Rural Development: The Role of Renewable Energy. Online (date TBD). Organized by UNESCWA.