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UNECE Expert Meeting on Dissemination and Communication of Statistics 2023

UNECE Expert Meeting on Dissemination and Communication of Statistics 2023

11 - 13 October 2023
Lisbon Portugal

About the meeting

In today's rapidly changing world, statistical organisations are facing increasingly complex challenges in effectively disseminating and communicating data. With the continuous emergence of new technologies and platforms, the growing need to provide the right data product to the right people in a timelier manner as well as the rising competition from private data providers, statistical organisations must adapt quickly to continue serving their critical role as providers of official statistics that are fundamental to informed decision-making in society.

The Expert Meeting on Dissemination and Communication of Statistics aims to bring together experts from around the world to exchange their experiences and lessons learned from these challenges. The target audience of the expert meeting includes senior and middle-level managers responsible for data dissemination and communication, across all statistical domains.

Detailed information and examples of topics to be covered in the meeting, registration, contributions and other organizational aspects can be found in Information Notice #1. For logistical information, please see Information Notice #2.  


Document Title Documents Paper  Presentations
Information Notice 1 PDF -
Information Notice 2 (logistic information) PDF -
Timetable PDF -
Meeting Report PDF  
Session 1: Building trust and brand 
Co-chairs: Emily Liddel (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) and Lukasz Augustyniak (Eurostat)
Building Trust in Numbers and Communicating Statistics - Suzanne Halls (Office for Statistics Regulation, UK) Abstract Paper   Presentation
Increasing trust in official statistics in the Republic of North Macedonia - Jasmina Gjorgjieva (State Statistical Office, Republic of North Macedonia) Abstract Paper  Presentation
A wake-up call: Why we have to strengthen awareness about our mission - Karen Longva and Kristin Goa (Statistics Norway) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Building trust through a layered communication strategy - Wendy Schelfaut and Nicolas Duriau (Statistics Belgium) Abstract Presentation
Cooperating with other institutions to increase trust in official statistics (and statistical literacy) - Patrizia Collesi (Istat, Italy) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Presenting iNews, a Communication Product - Maria Manuela Martins (Statistics Portugal) Abstract Presentation
BPstat: speaking official statistics with a stronger brand voice - Lígia Nunes (Bank of Portugal) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Defining a brand of a statistical institute - Experiences and lessons learned - Hanna Ikäheimo (Statistics Finland) Abstract Paper  Presentation
The Employer Branding - Anna Borowska (Statistics Poland) and Aeidin Sheppard (CSO, Ireland) Abstract Presentation
Room documents Session 1:    
#IstatNewsletter: how to increase audience and strengthen brand reputation - Michela Troia (Istat, Italy)   Paper
Official Statistics in the Data Science Worldview: Actors and Stakeholders - Rita Lima (Istat, Italy)   Paper
Session 2: Engaging with hard-to-reach audience
Co-chairs: Lígia Nunes and Luís Campos (Bank of Portugal)
TurkStat Child - Serhat Atakul (Turkish Statistical Institute, Türkiye) Abstract Presentation
Towards a child-centered approach: Making a data literacy training journey - Andrea Fernandez Conde (INEGI, Mexico) Abstract Presentation
My life with statistics – statistical training for teenagers - Marianne Mackie (Statistics Denmark) Abstract Presentation
Engaging with hard-to-reach audience: young people and Statistics Finland - Mervi Ukkonen (Statistics Finland) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Reaching out to non-advanced users: Eurostat’s Education corner - Romina Brondino (Eurostat) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Session 3: Innovation in communications
Co-chairs: Terri Mitton, Laura Belli and Vincent Finat-Duclos (OECD)
The Digital Transformation at the CBS (Israel) – Eran Ropalidis (Israel CBS) Abstract Presentation
From storytelling to scrollytelling – modern digital publications that strengthen and develop the data literacy of our users - Pedram Ghanfili (FSO, Switzerland) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Data to see. Statistics to listen to. Video and audio to innovate digital and social communication of Italian National Institute of Statistics - Giovanni Prattichizzo and Cristiana Conti (Istat, Italy) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Invited presentation: From Data to Art – a journey into generative AI – Alexandra Neves (Microsoft) - Presentation
Results from the survey on the use of Generative AI for communication / Q&A - Terri Mitton (OECD) - Presentation
INSEE Chatbots: A new tool to help users - Vincent Lapegue (Insee, France) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Use of AI in Statistical Communication and Dissemination - Maulana Faris (Statistics Indonesia) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Statistics rides Grand Depart - Jose Jabier Zurikarai (Bask Statistical Institute, Spain) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Shining a light on the population: Finding new ways to release the value of the 2021 Census - Maria Ledgeway, Gerald Williams (ONS, UK) Abstract Presentation
How a strong community and a user-centered design approach is key to .Stat Suite product excellence - Laura Belli (OECD) Abstract Paper  Presentation
"Making progress in communicating progress” Example of innovative approaches in communicating data and statistics for 2030 Agenda - Olga Świerkot-Strużewska (Statistics Poland) and Carolina Fresta Santos (INE Portugal) Abstract Paper  Presentation
How to reach the public with climate change-related statistics? Lessons learned from interviews with journalists in the UNECE region - Svantesson Sara (Statistics Denmark) and Malgorzata Cwiek (UNECE) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Room documents Session 3:    
THE NEW CONTACT CENTRE: a single portal for all Dissemination and Communication services of Istat - Giulia  Peci, Roberta Roncati and Maria Assunta Scelsi (Istat, Italy)   Paper
Session 4: Measuring the effectiveness of communication
Co-chairs: Kerstin Hänsel (Destatis, Germany) and Ellen Dougherty (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
How to communicate effectively? Destatis experience with an integrated media monitoring system - Kerstin Hänsel (Destatis, Germany) Abstract Presentation
Measuring The Success of Communication Using Social Media Statistical Dashboards - Maulana Faris (Statistics Indonesia) Abstract Paper  Presentation
Practice what you preach: use statistics to make better decision - Leonardo Almeida  (Bank of Portugal) Abstract Presentation
Ensuring effective steering the dissemination function based on actionable monitoring - Susanne Taillemite (Eurostat) Abstract Presentation
How the OECD measures and evaluates the effectiveness of data dissemination - Stefano Contratto (OECD) Abstract Presentation