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Regional Workshop on Consumer Price Indices

Regional Workshop on Consumer Price Indices

11 - 13 September 2019
Minsk Belarus
  Document Title Documents
  Agenda RUS ENG
  Final Report   ENG

Session 1: Data collection and data sources

  Collection and processing of price data in the Russian Federation RUS ENG
  Data collection and data sources - Introduction (Switzerland) RUS ENG
  Scanner data as data source (Switzerland) RUS ENG
  Internet purchase and web scraping (Norway) RUS ENG
  An intro to web scraping using R (Norway)    
  Demo program in R    

Session 2: Seasonal items and missing items

  Package holidays in the CPI of Georgia RUS ENG
  The approach to seasonal produce and missing observations (Ukraine) RUS ENG
  Inclusion of Seasonal products in the CPI in the Republic of Kazakhstan RUS ENG
  Missing items and seasonality (Norway) RUS ENG

Session 3: Index calculation and weighting

  Treatment of outliers in the CPI of Georgia RUS ENG
  Formation of the weighting system for calculation of the CPI of Tajikistan RUS ENG
  Index calculation (Norway) RUS ENG
  Practical experiences with calculating elementary and higher level indices (Switzerland) RUS ENG
  Weighting issues (Switzerland) RUS ENG
  Improvement of the methodology and the structure of HCPI for CIS (CIS-STAT) RUS ENG

Session 4: Alternative aggregates

  Alternative aggregates (Norway) RUS ENG

Session 5: Rented dwellings and owner-occupied housing

  Rental dwellings (Switzerland) RUS ENG
  Owner-occupied housing (Norway) RUS ENG

Session 6: Special topics

  Compiling weights’ system for the CPI calculation. Harmonization of household surveys and SNA data (CIS-STAT) RUS ENG
  Financial services and insurance (Norway) RUS ENG

Session 7: Meeting user needs: publication, dissemination and user relations

  CPI in the Republic of Belarus, meeting user needs RUS ENG
  Meeting user needs: documentation, dissemination and communication (Switzerland) RUS ENG
  Documentation and communication (UNECE) RUS ENG