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Important notice for the participants in the forthcoming meetings of WP.30, AC.2 and AC.3, 4–7 February 2020 at Geneva, Palais des Nations, Room VII

9 January 2020
In an effort to maximally accommodate the agendas of the Working Party on Customs Questions affecting Transport (WP.30), the Administrative Committee for the TIR Convention, 1975 (AC.2) and the Administrative Committee for the Harmonization Convention, 1982 (AC.3), while at the same time ensuring that no scarce ECE resources are wasted due to the fact that allotted meeting times are not fully used (leading to considerable financial losses for the organization), the secretariat has seen itself compelled to make slight adjustments in the time-tables for the various meetings. The time-tables now look as follows:

     * 4 February 2020 (whole day): WP.30

     * 5 February 2020:

- morning, until coffee break: AC.3

- morning, after coffee break and afternoon: AC.2

     * 6 February 2020 (whole day): AC.2

     * 7 February 2020 (morning): Reading of the various reports

Thus, while these adjustments lead to minor adaptations in the time-slots for WP.30, AC.2 and AC.3, the most significant difference is that on Friday 7 February 2020 the reading of the reports will only take place in the morning, allowing delegates to travel back already in the afternoon.
Delegations are encouraged to take due note of these adjustments when making their travel arrangements. The secretariat apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.