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ID-numbers of Romanian TIR Carnet holders

23 June 2006
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has, at the request of the Romanian Government, changed the 3-letter country code for Romania from ROM to ROU. As a result, the ID-numbers of the Romanian TIR Carnet holders used until now (ROM/050/XX.X" - for UNTRR holders, ROM/052/XX.X" - for ARTRI holders) will gradually be replaced with new ones (ROU/050/XX.X" - for UNTRR holders, ROU/052/XX.X" - for ARTRI holders). It is expected that the complete migration to the new ISO codes will be finalized before 31 March 2007. During the transition period, the indication of the both the former ISO code and the new ISO code in the ID number should be accepted by Customs authorities and should neither be an obstacle to the acceptance of TIR Carnets by the Customs authorities nor should it lead to delays during TIR transports. Since 21 June the ITDB is updated to reflect the change from ROM to ROU.