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Geneva Friends of Road Safety Network Meetings

In the efforts to raise awareness about the United Nations Road Safety Fund (UNRSF) among the diplomatic corps and explore possibilities to increase contributions to the Fund, two meetings of Geneva Friends for Road Safety Network were held at the EU Delegation’s office in Geneva on 4 and 12 July 2019 respectively. 
At both meetings, the Special Envoy’s Secretariat presented an overview of activities and priorities of the Special Envoy, including progress and timelines for UNRSF activities. Representatives of 12 EU member States participated in a discussion on 4 July and six UN Member States on 12 July, offering suggestions for stronger collaboration with the Special Envoy’s Secretariat and ECE as well as encouraging stronger coordination among different stakeholders.  
Among next steps identified was implementation of agreed work plan, scheduling a briefing focused on the Sweden Conference and a workshop informing Member States about the UNRSF call for proposal as well as details on the application process, criteria and eligibility for applications.