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Economic Empowerment of Women during and after COVID-19

(An online course in Russian)

08 - 24 June 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the central role of women in providing immediate response to the pandemic – in the front line, in essential jobs supporting everyday needs, as well as in care and domestic work for the economic and social well-being of societies. It has made even more important the implementation of policies, programmes and measures that target the full participation of women and girls in economic, social, and political life both as providers of and contributors to the final results as well as beneficiaries of the outcomes.

The course on Economic Empowerment of Women during and after COVID-19 will contribute to women’s economic empowerment by exploring aspects of financial literacy, business thinking and leadership skills to expand women’s opportunities for active engagement during and after the COVID crisis. These are important factors for building women’s capacities to increase their income generation and find employment in a dynamic environment.


More information is available in ENG and in RUS.