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This publication calls for ambitious and bold action from governments, the private sector and regulators. Development of technologies will require new regulatory frameworks to support immediate commercialization. Policy frameworks should also incorporate legally binding commitments for increased
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Эта публикация требует решительных и смелых действий со стороны правительства, частного сектора и регулирующих органов. Для разработки технологий потребуется новая нормативно-правовая база в поддержку немедленной коммерциализации. Политические рамки должны также включать в себя юридически
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Micro-, small and medium enterprises (MSME) are prominent in sectors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. MSME in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors were implementing innovative, circular, green and sustainable initiatives before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, so they are well-