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3rd TEM&TER Joint Rail and Road / Motorway EG Meeting

3rd TEM and TER Joint Rail and Road/Motorway Follow-up Expert Group Meeting
9 October 2013, Bad Gastein, Austria

PDFReport of the 3rd Meeting of the Joint Follow-Up Expert Group
PDFList of Participants
9 October 2013

PDFN1 Weather Forecasts & Natural Hazards - UBIMET
PDFN2 Research & Development, OeBB Policy - OeBB
PDFN3 The UNDA project on measurement and mitigation of transport CO2 emissions - UNECE
PDFN4 Climate Change & Natural Disasters -The role of the Alpine Convention - Secretariat of the Alpine Convention
PDFN5 Risk Management as a Key Strategy on Climate Change - Andreas Koler
PDFN6 Developing an eco-friendly transport infrastructure - KAPSCH
PDFN7 Financing Options for investment and operation of high-speed railway lines - JASPERS
PDFN8 Creation of a network of ultra-high-speed railways (VSM) in Russia - JSC "Russian Railways"
PDFN9 On-going PPP Road Infrastructure Projects in Turkey - Ministry of Transport, Republic of Turkey
PDFN10 ASFINAG as a best practice for road infrastructure financing - ASFINAG
10 October 2013

PDF N11 Business Unit ENERGY - OeBB-Infrastruktur
PDFN12 Introducing Iconvienna 10 years anniversary - Iconvienna
PDFN13 Innovative filter system for Rail Infrastructure - DEXWET
PDFN14 Innovation in Telematics - KAPSCH
PDFN15 Position detection and data transfer - SYMEO
PDFN16 GPS Positioning of Terminal Equipment - OeBB Infrastruktur